Four Unique Benefits of Cloud Servers

Article Written by : Internet Marketing Showtime

5There’s a clear distinction between dedicated and cloud servers. While the former might be on your network, the latter are usually located on virtual servers over the Internet and within a secure data centre.

Without a doubt, they are very powerful environments that are usually created within a cluster of servers.

Here are 4 unique benefits of cloud servers:

1: Cost Effective

Not only are they cheaper but compared to a dedicated server, they can offer almost 5 times the CPU power. Blame it on the rapid development of this technology in recent years. No matter what, its performance is definitely better than a dedicated server.

2: Easy to Setup

Cloud servers are usually easy to set up since they are virtual machines which usually takes only a few minutes. Alternatively, dedicated servers take a lot more time to be set up since the effort necessary is manual in nature. Also, it does take a few hours for the server to be set up. So, with cloud servers, it’s not only easy but much quicker to set up.

3: Reliable

Dedicated servers are hardly as reliable as cloud servers. This is because of hardware failures from time to time. Also, if the parts necessary to fix the hardware failure are not available, there is every possibility of downtime. Alternatively, cloud servers have a cluster of servers at their disposal and which is why it can compensate for resource loss and hardware failure.

4: Scalable

While on a dedicated server, you might have to first check if it is upgradable, cloud servers don’t require much other than logging in to your control panel and scale up resources without worrying about downtime that is the case with dedicated servers. In other words, the upgrade is instant and an addition of 4 GB RAM can be made within a few minutes.