Spotlight on UbiFi: How This 4G Internet Company is Connecting Rural America to the Rest of the Country

While the rest of the country has smoothly transitioned into the Internet Age, rural America has had a problem with Internet connectivity for a long time now. Many rural residents have discussed how the lack of Internet connectivity has affected their lives. From hindering medical services by slowing telehealth to a halt to disrupting the collection of information in the classroom, the Internet problem has made its mark on the lives of people in rural areas. The problem has become so prominent that this year, the Biden administration has pledged $401 billion to improve rural America’s infrastructure for broadband connectivity.

As the government works on rural America’s infrastructure, the business sector has also devised a variety of solutions for providing Internet access to the rural residents who need it the most. UbiFi is one company that has leveraged rural areas’ existing infrastructure to provide unlimited 4G rural Internet access. Through the use of cell towers that are everywhere in the country, including small towns and low-density rural areas, UbiFi provides Internet for rural areas. UbiFi is a mobile virtual network operator, which means that it leases existing cell towers erected by some of the most prominent cell phone companies in the country to transmit its Internet signals.

Unlike satellite Internet providers, which provide high-latency Internet service, UbiFi brings high-speed Internet access to rural residents with low latency. UbiFi’s plans also come with no data caps, so users will not have to worry about paying expensive overage fees if they burn through all their data. This makes UbiFi ideal for rural gaming or other real-time activities that require low amounts of lag to work optimally. Visit today to learn more.