How Mobile Internet Has Changed Internet Access for RV Travelers

Your Internet access while traveling in an RV will likely come via mobile technology. Satellite Internet for camping and marina Wi-Fi were notoriously unreliable because data plans were very small and costly, and cell internet options didn’t always work reliably in remote locations.

However, 4G mobile Internet came along and changed everything. Within just a few years, it became possible to use hundreds of gigabytes each month, stream HD or 4K video at HD quality, and enjoy lightning-fast speeds all while traveling in your RV. This truly revolutionary service is now offered by RV mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi and only continues to improve over time.

Portable 4G WiFi devices from companies such as UbiFi provide RV travelers with fast and reliable connections that meet their unique needs, with various plans including unlimited data options for full-time RVers as well as more cost-effective plans tailored for part-time travelers. Furthermore, the service provided by companies like UbiFi may be among the best options for RV gaming because mobile Internet carries lower levels of latency than its satellite Internet counterparts.

The shorter distance between cell towers and RVs on the ground reduces the delay between the transmission and reception of Internet signals, which lies in stark contrast to the significantly longer distance between satellites in outer space and vehicles on the ground. This distance creates a sizable delay that creates high levels of latency, which are not ideal for online gaming or any other activity that requires a live connection to the Internet.

Be sure to do some research on your chosen mobile Internet provider’s coverage area before making a commitment to pay for a data plan.