Three Things to Consider Before Selecting a New Shared Web Hosting Provider

Article Written by : SEO Tips & Infos

3It’s not easy to know which Web hosting provider is best for you since there are so many of them to pick from.

This is where a shared hosting provider can turn out to be very beneficial, in terms of choice.

Here are 3 things that you must consider before selecting a new shared Web hosting provider:

1: Offers fixed amount of storage and bandwidth per month

All website plans tend to vary based on the storage and bandwidth that you deem necessary. This can be calculated by multiplying the average file size at your site along with the number of files that visitors access each month.

For starters, a small storage and bandwidth plan should be enough. To give you an idea, even a 500-page site won’t take up more than 100 MB. Also, even if you have a hundred visitors a day, this will hardly amount to a Gigabyte of bandwidth.

2: Provides control to passwords and files

All web hosting service providers allow you to upload files to the shared server via FTP. Other offer SSH which is a secure way of uploading and downloading files. Then there are others who offer other web-based upload tools if the first two options are not suitable. Also, certain Web hosting providers will help you create secure sections on your website by restricting files to visitors with a password apart from creating redirects so a certain Web page is made available through a number of URLs

3: Support for databases and programming languages

Almost every web hosting account will offer support for a variety of databases and languages. Just make sure that you get the version and tools that you want to use. Most hosts will use a setup that has a Linux or Unix-like operating system, a MySQL database, Apache Web server as well as the PHP or Perl programming language. Others may use a Microsoft setup. So check before you sign up whether this is what you need.