Three Things to Look For When Picking a Web Domain

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2Picking between web hosting companies becomes harder by the day. This is because there are a number of promotions offered.

Looking for a solid web hosting solution has nothing to do with gimmicks. Don’t get carried away.

Here are 3 things to look out for when looking for your own web domain:

1: The Myth of the ‘Free Domain’ Offer

While this might sound nice, it’s still best for you to check before you agree to the terms.  First, find out who owns the domain. If the company retains the ownership, this will translate to being stuck with them or having to pay a large sum to obtain ownership. Next, ask about renewal fees given that there’s every chance that they will charge a hefty amount when it’s time for renewal – sometimes as much as $19.95+. This is almost 200% more than what it usually costs to own a domain.

2: Check The Terms for Bandwidth & Disk Space

Most people tend to overlook these two aspects when looking for a web domain. Consider the situation where your site becomes popular and attracts thousands of visitors. Will you be charged for the massive data transfer that takes place? This can easily happen if you offer files for downloads at your site.

3: No Such Things as Unlimited Storage

No matter what a web hosting service might want you to think, there is no such thing as unlimited storage. If you read the TOS carefully, you’ll find that a number of web-hosting services use the CPU/Server Usage clause to work around this promise. Even if its actual purpose is to avoid improper usage of space on their servers.