Three Things to Look for in a Free Web Hosting Solution

Article Written by : Quadra Design

1So, what should you look for in a free web hosting solution?

Given that it is a different compared to a commercial web hosting solution, there’s still a few similarities that one must consider.

Here are three things to look in a free web hosting solution:

1: Reliability and Speed of Access

If a website is frequently down, you will tend to lose a lot of visitors whether they are directed from a search engine or elsewhere. Also, if the site is slow to access, then this can prove to be frustrating. You can be sure they will visit a competitor’s site instead. Of course, if you can’t get feedback, you’ll have to try it out yourself during peak and off-peak hours.

2: Advertising

Most if not all web hosts will include advertising on your site. Of course, this is to cover the costs associated with the free web hosting space as well as other services that are offered. There are usually three types of advertising: advertising frames, banners and pop-ups. Make sure you find which method you are comfortable with and stick with it. Also, keep in mind that free web hosting solutions without advertising means no costs being recovered. These web hosting solutions can close without warning.

3: Amount of Web Space

A very important question to ask is whether it has enough space for your needs. Most sites require less than 5 MB space. Of course, this depends on whether you use media such as picture, sound and video clips too. If you need more space, then you can expand it in the future.