Why Colocation Might Be Good For Your Business

Blog provided by Rack Alley

When it comes to web hosting and housing the software and hardware for your business’s online presence, there are a multitude of options. Some are quite committed, such as dedicated server hosting, while others are cheaper but less private, such as shared server hosting. Colocation is one option tailored to tech-savvy customers who want an affordable option that gives them complete control over their server’s hardware and software.

Control over a server is a big selling point for colocation, but there are other benefits this option can give your business. First, colocation gives you access to a data center’s infrastructure, which includes security, tech support, and a steady supply of power and cooling. This reduces downtime, making sure that your website is up for as long as possible and your online marketing efforts are not thwarted by technical issues.

Second, colocation is a flexible, scalable web hosting solution. If you need to add more equipment to your server to keep up with your business’s demands, you have the option to rent more space in the same data center. Adding more equipment is much more difficult if you are storing your server on company property, which makes colocation a more viable option for businesses expecting growth.

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